Friday, April 15, 2011

A beginning.

After hearing me wax eloquent about my plan to concoct margarita cupcakes for marathon Monday, a friend asked me tonight if I had a baking blog. I told her I do have a blog of sorts, but am not very good at writing in it...and my food photography sucks, which does not help matters. But I started thinking, why the heck not just go for it? As the name of my blog implies, this will not be only about baking; but baking certainly occupies a significant role in my life, so will likely also play a central role here.

Tomorrow morning, ingredients. A lack of butter and eggs makes baking difficult. Tomorrow afternoon, pop tart dough. And possibly brioche dough. As well as a trial run at margarita cupcakes. Yes, with salt around the rim of the frosting.

And, of course, Augustine will require my attention. De Trinitate, go!

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